Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Kash went on his first bike ride and loved it! The baby helmet barely fits his little head! We also had a BBQ, Fire and Movie night at Grandma's house! Kacie and Cody joined us. Kash couldn't take his eyes off the fire! It was so cold that night we ended up coming inside in the middle of the movie! We wanted to enjoy a night outdoors before it gets to be middle of summer and WAY to hot! We had our favorite BBQ meal- hamburgers, ranch dorittos and IBC cream sodas! Not the best for you but its fun to splurge now and then!:)


mattnbeth said...

i love his little footies in the last pic. so cute. i miss you hawls!

Joe, Ashley, and Ethan said...

You've gotta have a little suga' now and then!