Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wow there is so much to catch up on! I have not posted in a while. Things have been crazy but we are having a blast in our new house. We are still waiting for our couch to come in. I will post pictures of the house next time. Kash loves to play at the park by our house. We went to Schneff Farms, Mother Natures Farm, and lots of other fun things. We had both of our families over for dinner and had home made ice cream with yummy toppings. I have really loved cooking lately. Ty made some DELICIOUS home made sushi and we could not believe how good it turned out!!! KAsh has tonz of bruises on his poor head from hitting it on EVERYTHING. Poor kid.

My family has had a lot going on lately. My mom hurt her leg and had to go to the hospital. She is doing better now. My dad is having to deal with a lot of crap. The newspaper posted a very UNTRUE front page article about my dad. He is being accused of things he never did wrong and the paper is making him look so bad! He has dealt with so much crap and it is so amazing to me how he has such a good attitude and handles these horrible accusations. He is the most loyal and honest person I know and of all people to accuse him of these wrong doings just makes me so upset. Anyone who knows my dad knows what an honest and great man he is. He is such a good example to me. This needs to end bc I can't stand to have anyone in my family back in the hospital!!! haha. It is becoming my second home this month:)

I will post more pictures of the house when we get it more organized. Our new ward is amazing and we have already met so many new friends. Things are going well and Kash just keeps learning more and more each day. He is so much fun! I am going to post a slide show below bc I have so many fun pictures. These are just a few of my most favorites!


Jen said...

That stinks about all of the bad luck your family is having. I hope all gets better soon!
Way fun that you are in a new house- have fun decorating!!!!- Can't wait to see the picks

Alexander said...

Where is your new house? I hope things start to slow down for you. Your baby is getting so big, not a baby anymore.

heidi said...

sorry about your dad's stuff. i truly haven't read about it at all - but sounds like you guys are doing great despite the road blocks! what is kash for halloween?

mattnbeth said...

man, you are TOO busy! sorry things arent going well with your parents. i hate rumors. hopefully things will all work out for the best. cant wait to see you someday :)

katie said...

wow girl! Moving? I am such a bad friend to not know. I am calling you today for sure. I do miss you. And I am sorry about everything with your parents. I sure know how it feels to have people saying nasty stuff about my dad. Luckily they are the great men we know them to be and that's all that matters.