Saturday, December 27, 2008


Here are a few fun pictures from December. I will have more from my camera soon! This was at the Forgotten Carols. SOOOOO AMAZING. My mom took us all for Christmas and the Spirit was so strong. I will make sure to go again next year!
Kash meeting Santa for the first time:) Not really a fan!
Shyre and Kash being cute
Kash trying to be Santa's helper
Cheesy boy helping auntie make some treats
Grammy Tami and Kash on Christmas Eve


Riley and Brooke Nelson said...

Kash is such a big boy! =) Merry Christmas!

Jen said...

It cracks me up how it's rare that you find a kid under the age of 4 that likes Santa.
I always love the screaming pictures though. They always are hilarious & too cute.

Ashley said...

He is getting so big and is such a cute little boy! Miss you!

heidi said...

isn't it so funny that the kids have a love/hate relationship with santa?! looks like you guys have had a fun season!

OurHappyFamily said...

What cute pics... Kash is so cute! I'm jealous you went to Forgotten Carols! I LOVE it! We weren't able to go this year but I bought the performance on DVD and have watched it SO many times!

Happy New Year!!!

Nelson Family said...

Looks like fun holiday time. Thank you so much for bringing Jamie soup today. The only thing she has been able to really swollow is soup...and she said yours was the best soup she ever ate! I was trying to keep the kids distracted so you & Jamie could have a little I was hiding out in Carly's room. I wasn't trying to be snotty & not say hi! :)
Happy New Year!

Julie Moore said...

Don't you love adult night-out's?? Hunter and I treasure those nights like they are GOLD!! Everyone looks so GREAT! Please pass a hello onto the rest of the family from the Moore Gang. Hope all is going well for you. Lots of love. Julie

Shannon Allen said...

Hawli your kids are so sweet! Kash has gotten so big he is such a stud! Glad you had a great Christmas.

Ashley -cutestblogontheblock said...

You'd think that two year olds would like to see santa but it was the same for ethan, still very scared and thought santa would eat him or something! Miss ya!