Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So I know that I am the worst blogger ever. I have pictures to put on but no time right now to do it! I am also not on my computer because we are staying with Tyler's family to babysit while his parents are on a cruise. Things have been crazy lately.
Kash went from the flu, a cold, two double ear infections, now his 3rd one!!!! The doctor wants us to put tubes back in and perform surgery by removing a gland that will help prevent more ear infections. I am so scared for him but I know that it will be for the best!
Lundyn has been sick also. We don't know what is wrong yet. She had an ear infection,yeast infection and still screams a lot. I am taking her to the Doctor again tonight to see if she has another ear infection because she has been crying all the time and grabbig her ears!
Its been tough around our house but I love my kids and hope we can get them better soon. I will update with more pictures next time.


Auburn said...

I'll keep you and your little ones in my prayers! I'm so sorry things are hard. on a lighter note, we missed you at soccer last night. We played great, and we won 4-0!

*Katie May* said...

awe...I hope they feel better soon and the Dr. can help them get well.

Chelise said...

Sick kids are the worst! Poor things. We just went through a couple sick weeks with all of us and were miserable. I hope things get better soon. Miss you!

Dallin and Amy said...

Don't worry I am not a very good blogger either and it sounds like you have been very busy! Well Dallin and I got our blog up now! it's blameitonablinddate.blogspot.com! I hope your kids feel better. your family is beautiful!

AmyBlair well now Greenberg

Anonymous said...

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